5pm somewhere

So the first app has been submitted to the app store for review.

Its called 5pm somewhere and basically it tells you where it is 5pm in the world.   It tells you how far away it is, how to say Cheers and a little fact about the place.

You can get this information on the iPhone or on your apple watch.

It does use your location to work out the distance to the place so please give it location access.

I will add a link when it is approved in the appstore but here is a sneak look…


6 IMG_0340

Apple Watch

IMG_0342 IMG_0341 IMG_0343

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HandD Software

So this is the site I will be using to tell you about my endeavors in writing software for mobile devices.

HandD – so the H stands for Hannah and the D for Daniel, my two marvelous kids.  And its because of them that I dusted off my coding gloves and started this.  They love technology and play non-stop on their devices.  They draw, do wordsearches, flashcards and math apps.

However every application had a missing feature that frustrated them and so they used to say “Daddy, can you make this do that”, etc.

And that is how it began…

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